Our annual Pumpkin Giveaway was held on Sunday, October 16th , with many receiving a free pumpkin. We also held a contest to guess how many caramels were in the candy jar. Congratulations to Chris and Aerial Jelly for the closest guess. There were actually 95 caramels in the jar. They won a $25 gift certificate to Publix. A huge shout out of thanks to Red Elephant Restaurant in Mandarin for allowing us to set up in front of their restaurant. Our next community event will be held Saturday, November 5th , when we collected on Saturday, November 12th . You only need to fill the bag with non-perishable food items. We will do the collecting and dropping off at the food bank. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at (904) 894-3058 or send me an email at annmarie@shieldshomesjax.com and I will make sure you get a bag.